Mellow One's Brooklyn Elevated Railways

Brooklyn Rapid Transit

The Brooklyn Bridge opened on May 24th, 1883.

The New York and Brooklyn Bridge Railway began cable car service in September, 1883 from the Park Row Terminal in Manhattan to the original Brooklyn Bridge RR Terminal.

The Brookly Elevated RR route to Fulton Ferry

Early Brooklyn El Routes

This section of a Brooklyn Map from about 1903/4 shows the remnant of the original Park St / Lexington Ave El on Hudson and York streets and its terminal under the Brooklyn Bridge adjacent to the Fulton Ferry and El terminal. The original el was extended on Hudson St for the connection with the 5th Ave El. That portion of the 5th Ave El crossed the Myrtle Ave EL at Grade in 1888. The Park St El was made redundant by the Mytle Ave El. However, one of the early coordination of rapid transit and railroad services existed as the LIRR accessed the original Park St terminal under the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brookly Union Line went out to Rockaway via the connection at Flatbush Ave to the LIRR terminal. This service lasted until 1905. There was also a shuttle from the Navy St Station to the old terminal via Hudson St. The Myrtle Ave El opened April 10, 1888, from Adams Street to Grand Ave, where it joined the "Old Main Line" In 1890, the Old Main Line, from Grand & Myrtle to Park & Hudson was closed and subsequently removed. A Forney steam shuttle was then run from Navy & Myrtle, via Hudson Ave, to the old Fulton Ferry terminal, located under the Brooklyn Bridge, until April 10th, 1904. Also shown is the Fulton St El from Fulton Ferry. The dotted line on Montegue is the incline railway on that street from the Wall St ferry slip up to Court St. Montegue St would be the site of a BMT subway tunnel in 1917.

This image shows the Fulton El Terminal at the Ferry Terminal and the original Brooklyn Elevated Railway terminal under the Brooklyn Bridge.

The short lived Park Ave El

The Myrtle Ave El opened on April 10th, 1888  from Adams St to Grand Ave, where it joined the "Old Main Line" to DeKalb Ave.

The "Old Main Line" was extended west to Driggs Ave on Broadway on June 25th, 1888.

The line was extended west to the Broadway Ferry on  July 14th, 1888 and became known as the Brooklyn Broadway El.

The Myrtle Ave El was extended from Adams Street to Sands St Station at the Brooklyn Bridge on Sept 1, 1888,

The 5th Ave El opened on Nov 5th, 1888, from the original terminal to Hudson Ave, where the new line diverged from the "Old Main Line" and went down Hudson to Flatbush Ave.  The 5th Ave Line crossed the Myrtle Ave Line at grade at Hudson Ave. Two days later, on Nov 7th, a Myrtle Ave El train collided with a 5th Ave El train at that level crossing. The wreck caused both the Myrtle and 5th Ave Lines to be closed for several months.

The Park Ave El, "The Old Main Line" was closed between Hudson Ave and Myrtle Ave on Dec 30th, 1890 and was subsequently removed.

The new Brooklyn Sands St Terminal of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge RR was opened on Sept 30, 1895.

The "Old Main Line" closed on April 11, 1904 between the original terminal at Fulton Ferry and Myrtle Ave.

The BRT / LIRR Connection at Flatbush Ave

The BRT / Long Island RR steam connection at Fflatbush Ave provided the LIRR with a connection to the original Brooklyn Bridge El Terminal

and the BRT access to the LIRR ROW to Rockaway.  

The Flatbush Ave Junction to the LIRR is seen next to the new LIRR terminal under construction.

A new underground electrified LIRR Terminal will replace the surface terminal.

The steam El train went down an incline to join the LIRR ROW.  

The Fulton Ferry El Terminal

This 1910 panaoramic view of the Fulton Ferry El Terminal and the Brooklyn Bridge shows that the original El terminal had been removed by that time. 

The Broadway Ferry El

The Boadway El

The Broadway Ferry Elevated RR Station

The Broadway Ferry Slip was the Brooklyn side of Grand St Ferry service

1920's view of the Broadway El Ferry Terminal and the two track structure, showing the former two track terminal reduced to a single track. Later the entire line would be reduced to a single track.  Once the Broadway El was connected to the Williamsburg Bridge opened in 1908, the Ferry and the El Terminal became redundant.  However, the BRT and BMT continued to serve the community with El shuttle service from the Marcy Ave Station until WWII.  The intermediate station on the Ferry line at Driggs Ave was replaced by a trolley stop on the bridge.

A steam Era image of a Forney locomotive at the Broadway El Ferry Terminal at Kent St

and a portion of a Joint LIRR/BRT Timetable showing service from Broadway Ferry to Rockaway.